Disco Muerte Three : The Void

by Goteki



After the kaleidoscopic genre fusion of DM1, and the pseudo nineties high and comedown of DM2, the Disco Muerte project enters it’s third phase with Disco Muerte Three : The Void. This instalment brings us to the second cycle of remixes ( each pair of EPs features the same tracklist, but with different remixers ), and while DM1 featured Freebird, Avenida, Storyville, Glitterbomb and Nevada dawn in a range of friendly alt pop styles, we return to the tracks with a harder, darker edge. Drumstep legend Kanji Kinetic demolishes Freebird with a furious frenzy of distorted beats and building-­‐decimating basslines. Aaimon takes us deep into the forest for a spine tingling rethink of Avenida. Aesthetic Perfection’s tense and relentless rework of Storyville underpins a new set of vocals that revisit the narrative of the band’s murder ballad ‘The Death Of Nevada Dawn’. Goteki’s own Glitterbomb version is a Ketamine addled wrong turn in an underground club, and Inertia take us on to trip to Vegas we may not return from. These dark and nasty remixes are crowned with ‘The Void’, possibly the most baroque and mysterious track in Goteki’s long musical history.


released March 17, 2012




Goteki Nottingham, UK

Goteki write songs about murdering strippers, dying and dreaming of stars, robot geishas and alien invasions. Their joyously disparate lyrics are set to a backdrop of electronic music fused with a love of other genres. The big crunchy beats and seering arpeggios pulse with blues, motown, country, pop, hip hop and whatever else feels right at the time. ... more

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