Disco Muerte Two: Death Exodus

by Goteki



Disco Muerte One was more of success than the band could have imagined, with videos, images and press info going viral around social networking sites. The YouTube video of the Apoptygma Berzerk remix of Goteki’s ‘Freebird’ cover received 1500 views in 12 hours after the announcement, and 2000 tracks were downloaded from bandcamp within 6 hours of release, along with unprecedented amounts of donations, fan emails and positive press reviews. This success has made way for DISCO MUERTE TWO, the second of four remix EPs supporting Goteki’s 2011 ‘Santa Muerte’ album.
While DM1 was pure electro-­‐pop, DM2 takes the tracks off to an intriguing tangent of alternative nineties pop – not what people are expecting at all. Legendary Hungarian pop producer Peter Kovary, in his own words, makes Goteki sound like Grace Jones doing Acid House, Ultraviolence infuse Shuriken with everything good about late 90s electro-­‐industrial, Funerals take us to the dirtiest, most decadent after party in history with their take on ‘Silent War’ and Goteki keep the humour alive with a comically bubble-­‐gum 90s version of ‘Take Me To Your Lover’ The EP’s rounded off with an experimental, epic semi-­‐instrumental track that brings us back to the mysterious,, modernist core of Death Electro.


released January 9, 2012




Goteki Nottingham, UK

Goteki write songs about murdering strippers, dying and dreaming of stars, robot geishas and alien invasions. Their joyously disparate lyrics are set to a backdrop of electronic music fused with a love of other genres. The big crunchy beats and seering arpeggios pulse with blues, motown, country, pop, hip hop and whatever else feels right at the time. ... more

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